Eternity Mission Statement

To Spread the word of World Peace....

....Bringing together different countries and continents across the globe. To help those in the world less fortunate, breaking down barriers of class and religion, bringing an end to war and destruction. Looking after the environment so our children have....

....a future to look forward to!

A Brief History

Eternity Magazine was launched in 1992 as a specialist underground 'Rave' magazine. In 1993 the magazine launched into the newsagents and was soon available throughout most major outlets including WH Smith and John Menzies. The popularity grew and before long Eternity had spread around the world as far a field as Australia where Eternity organized an illegal underground rave headlining their very own DJ Mark EG.

The magazine was always much more than just music and as it developed it become known as the 'Controversial Lifestyle Magazine' but throughout it all the magazine stayed true to his rootsand when it was offered a substantial sum of money by EMAP the publishers turned down the offer as they stayed loyal to the readers with the promise they would NEVER SELL OUT and become commercial.

The reputation of 'ETERNITY MAGAZINE' continues to live on and welcomes comments from old and new readers alike. Help make this a better place to live!